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Title: Timeless (the way we love)
Pairing: hanchul (and others)
Genre: sujuclone!au
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Han Geng comes back to Korea he does it because he knows it's what he wants.
Note: I feel like my writing is off lately and also I want to start another hanchul chaptered fic so...I am basically posting this to get it out of the way and because I want to get to chapter 2 already.

Heechul says nothing. They both say nothing as they sit there in the café, neither looking at the other and both of their hearts breaking. Han Geng’s for all the wrong reasons. Heechul’s for all the right ones. )
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Title: Timeless (the way we love)
Pairing: hanchul, shimnin, qmi, kihae, yewook, henber, kangteuk
Genre: sujuclone!au
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Han Geng comes back to Korea he does it because he knows it's what he wants.
Note: for the [ profile] kpop_prompts

"Of course it's him." Han Geng says. "It's always been him." )
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Title: Forgiveness
Pairing: shimin
Genre: vampire!au
Rating: R
Summary: Night after night Siwon spent his days walking, never going anywhere, not until the pain and hunger became unbearable. Until he couldn’t take it anymore, until if he didn’t go, he would go insane. 
Note: Part of the vampire!au. None of the stories in this au are related to each other unless otherwise noted.

“I can’t.” Siwon says. “They’re just girls.” )
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Title: I love you, I  never meant to hurt you
Pairing: shimin (it's a miracle, no ninja!hanchul)
Genre: romance, angst, smut, fluff (i don't know okay)
Rating: R
Summary: Siwon doesn't choose to fall in love. It just happens. It happens with Sungmin.
Note: For [ profile] db5kprom15e who requested this @ [ profile] inksandblots

By the time Siwon works out that Sungmin isn’t coming out, it is dark, his feet are numb and he is in a bad mood. He goes home, throws off his clothes and is on his way to the shower when he realizes that it isn’t Monday. It is Tuesday. Sungmin doesn’t have club on Tuesday. )


Feb. 20th, 2011 03:56 am
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Title: Delicious
Pairing: SiHanMin, shihan, hanmin, shimin
Genre: smut just...OTL
Rating: R
Summary: The things Sungmin could do with a naked, sexy Chinaman handcuffed to his bed. Or, better yet, Siwon’s bed.
Notes: Dedicated to [ profile] zaboomafoo76 whose fic makes my life and who thinks my bias is beautiful <3

“Look at him.” Sungmin whispered. “He’s there on that bed, all nice and tied up, just for you.” )


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