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Okay, so in my world it's not Christmas yet, okay. I owe three people things, and I swear I am working on that hanchul fic okay. I AM. BUT. This is a post because I really want fic and someone needs to go write it for me, and I thought that I'd make it fair and do this as a sort of exchange thing. So, I'll trade you one of my prompts for one of yours.

1. Minho/Key.
they're like a married couple and some pics for inspiration.

Basically, what I want is, minkey in some sort of trip to somewhere, doesn't have to be London. Sort of like a minkey power couple, think Brad and Angelina. Okay? OKAY.

2. Minho/Jonghyun.
anything with them being complete assholes to each other. but it ends in a good way. here have an aesthetically pleasing picture.

Make them rock stars or something. idk go wild.

okay, let's be real here. i would give you whatever you wanted, write you whatever you wanted, do you any favor you wanted if you wrote me this okay. LIKE WHATEVER. I would give you my kidney if you wanted it. Anything with the three of them so long as Minho's the main here, so it's more like jongho + minkey. Don't want jongkey with minho getting in the way. Make it sexy. Make it awesome. P L E A S E

That's what I want, and you can tell me what you want in the comments. So, one of my prompts for one of yours okay.
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So, I was looking through my docs and the amount of unfinished fic there makes me sad. So, I'm going to dump it here and pretend that that means I've posted it in comms and never have to look at it again. Then, I'm going to go and finish my stupid spnaubigbang fic and finish my first ever sterek fic and cry. THEN, I will try to go through my merthur fics and see if there's anywhere I can take those.

Also, can we all just talk about how there are a billion challenges/exchanges and I'm pretty sure combined, [ profile] domofo and I have joined all of them. Seriously, I quit my job. I am going to go into fic writing full time. Who needs money anyway.

Right, so here have a bunch of unfinished fic and if you leave a comment with the name of the fic, I will bombard you with fun facts and wonderful/random stories about where I got the idea for it or how I started writing it or whatever.

excerpt from a shinee, onho fic I was/am writing/editing )

a minho centric post-apocalyptic fic )

this was supposed to be a porn star merthur au )

this was, like incest minkey, idk guys, idk )

so this is another merthur canon au/ar thing )


remember my suju resistance dystopia au. well there's a shinee version. )

So, that's all I'm posting for now because the rest is just depressing. But, feel free to ask away and I shall answer. Also, most of these make me want to start writing them again, so I might.
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*A fundraising project is under way for victims of the monsoon and tropical storm affecting the Philippines. Everyone is encouraged to partake in the fundraiser, as a writer, reader, or both. See here for more details.

My thread is here.

*Taken from the post on shinee-replay
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I'm just going to put this out there for all the shinee fans. This is, like, one of the best fics I've read in a while. The way this author writes is absolutely amazing, kind of like walking on clouds. The imagery is beautiful and the way she describes what's going on in her fic makes it feel like a dream.

Bascially, read the fic.

The Festival, jongho, nc-17

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SHINee Olymfics
things are heating up, are you curious?
about us. / rules. / sign up. / mods needed.

Sign up or just advertise the comm EVERYWHERE.

There's a shinee olympfic comm that needs more people to participate. It's basically writers split into teams to write a fic set in a certain universe (this will be your team name) for a pairing you will be assigned.

My explanation sucks, but go click on the links and see for yourself.
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Title: Out of Space and Time
Authors: [ profile] sestinande and [ profile] static_abyss
Pairing: Minho/Jonghyun
Genre: inception au (including, post-apocalyptic, space, magic)
Rating: R
WordCount: ~24,800
Summary: "The subconscious has its own desires, but these are, for the most part, founded in reality."
Note: Alright, L and I were really excited for this fic to go up on [ profile] shinee_duets and it is up now and basically, this is a GO READ IT NOW post, so yeah, go do that. Also props to the amazing [ profile] develei who read this in chunks when it was still half written and fixed the mistakes I made. She does an amazing job always and as she didn't get the finished piece, all mistakes left here are the authors'.

Minho wakes and wakes and wakes.
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So, I am not going to go into too much detail because this is one of those things that has to be a secret until it's all done. And trust me when I say it will fucking awesome. I've been working on this fic for shinee-duets with [ profile] sestinande and it's like we were meant to write it. I swear this fic owns my life and it is, as I've already said, going to be fucking great so you can all look forward to reading that if you like Jonghyun/Minho right.

The Postmortals by Drew Magary. READ IT NOW. )


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