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Okay, so in my world it's not Christmas yet, okay. I owe three people things, and I swear I am working on that hanchul fic okay. I AM. BUT. This is a post because I really want fic and someone needs to go write it for me, and I thought that I'd make it fair and do this as a sort of exchange thing. So, I'll trade you one of my prompts for one of yours.

1. Minho/Key.
they're like a married couple and some pics for inspiration.

Basically, what I want is, minkey in some sort of trip to somewhere, doesn't have to be London. Sort of like a minkey power couple, think Brad and Angelina. Okay? OKAY.

2. Minho/Jonghyun.
anything with them being complete assholes to each other. but it ends in a good way. here have an aesthetically pleasing picture.

Make them rock stars or something. idk go wild.

okay, let's be real here. i would give you whatever you wanted, write you whatever you wanted, do you any favor you wanted if you wrote me this okay. LIKE WHATEVER. I would give you my kidney if you wanted it. Anything with the three of them so long as Minho's the main here, so it's more like jongho + minkey. Don't want jongkey with minho getting in the way. Make it sexy. Make it awesome. P L E A S E

That's what I want, and you can tell me what you want in the comments. So, one of my prompts for one of yours okay.
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I'm just going to put this out there for all the shinee fans. This is, like, one of the best fics I've read in a while. The way this author writes is absolutely amazing, kind of like walking on clouds. The imagery is beautiful and the way she describes what's going on in her fic makes it feel like a dream.

Bascially, read the fic.

The Festival, jongho, nc-17

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Guys, I have found the onho prompt meme at [ profile] jinkihyung. Right, so go check that out, the like five of you on here, and fill prompts because they need to be filled. Also, shinee-olympfics makes me sad. I have 4,000 words of fic that want to go everywhere when I want them to go in one specific direction.

On other news, hipster Kibum. Yes, I am writing a fic about hipster Kibum that I am turning in for the thing [ profile] boysontop is doing. Basically, it's just, write fics, hand them in, have them posted. Like all the other things everywhere. But, the catch is, no porn. As if that is ever an issue. I think I've only ever written one shinee pwp and that was because of reasons. All my other fics are either PG or PG-13. Except for the jongho me and [ profile] sestinande did for shinee-duets. I still say we rocked that shit.

Anyway, this post has been me just going on and on about shinee fics. I also have three other super junior fics to get done and then I am giving the Merlin fandom a real go. I just need to get over my star struck, fan girl mode because, guys, there are such good writers in Merlin fandom. It makes me so happy.

Also, I'm in the Supernatural Au Big Bang over at [ profile] spnaubigbang. Yes, I have nothing better to do with my life besides work and writing fic and hanging out with [ profile] cheese_on_sauce now that she's back from the south.
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So, today I was in class and my professor said something about differences in interpretation of racism based on class and then I saw this comment for the jongho fic me and [ profile] sestinande wrote. Needless to say I was pretty much useless in class after that. I even made a list of things I wanted to run by L titled I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I DIDN'T SEE IT BEFORE. I have it next to me right now and I will be referring to it in the course of this really long, but hopefully helpful and somewhat explanatory discussion of our fic. Mostly this is for L's sake so that she doesn't get a really long, annoying email with a bunch of capital letters, bold and underlined. Also, for anyone who wants to read the fic and feels like they need clarification or just wants to add to/join me in my complete devotion and excitement at the mere mention of this fic.

I was not kidding when I said this was our baby fic. )

In other words, we really put a lot of time and thought into this. If there are any other questions or comments on the verse/the fic/what was written here, just drop a comment. Thanks, sincerely, to all those who read the fic and took the time to read this ♥


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