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Today, in my sociology class--where I am part of the few minorities, and the only person who comes from, what is essentially the lower class--we were having a discussion about education. Because, I honestly hope no one thinks that education for kids pre-k through 12th grade is equal. Quite, the opposite actually and pardon the long post, but some people need to wake up.

some things I need to clear up )

And there's more I could say, but honestly, I am way better off than most kids and we should be helping them not just talking about it.
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I like my LJ but kpop has pretty much taken over my world so I am going to post all my fics over at my new comm [ profile] drownwith_me and I am going to be using this as a personal kind of thing. So, if you're here for the fic, just feel free to head over to my new comm. If you care about what I have to say and the things that come out of my head then you are free to stay here with me too :)
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Hey there everyone, I am posting this just to let you all know that there is a new community for shimin (Siwon/Sungmin). If you like the pairing, have written anything about those two or would like to then please feel free to write it, post it and help the new community grow. Remember to read the rules and go join/watch [ profile] shiminlove .

And also, if you are a mod of a community and would like to affiliate with us please just drop a comment here and I shall get back to you as soon as I can. Please spread the word and help our new community grow <3
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So basically today Andi and I started our new collab community. And I just know there will be an awful lot of biasing on my part and she will have to keep dragging me back to focus, but WE HAVE A NEW COMMUNITY. I am so excited like woah. We have a baby fic and everything. So if you enjoy our writing, mine and [ profile] zaboomafoo76 's then please head over to our new community [ profile] superjuniora and join/read/love

Remember that is [ profile] superjuniora and as a warning we do not have a fluffy fic. Please read all the warnings and our Welcome Post and Enjoy =)


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