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So, I went and did it again. I signed up for something but this time for the SPN fandom because I LOVE THE SPN FANDOM WITH MY SOUL. Long story short, I finally found a show that I can say I relate a lot to (we're talking the relationships here not the monster hunting) and it physically hurts my soul to watch that, but it was also very therapeutic in my earlier days of sad. SO I am going to go write fic for this fandom now because it is only fair that I do. AND because I can't ever go slowly, I have a big bang to write, plus a pairing bingo card YAY FOR ME.

Dean/Balthazar Anna/Castiel Dean/ Crossover Character John/Ellen Sam/ Gabriel
Bobby/ Jody Mills Crowley/ Dean John/ Annie Hawkins Dean/ Alastair Sam/ Jessica
Castiel/ Benny Gabriel/ Kali WILD CARD Dean/Meg Sam/Ruby
Lilith/ Crowley Dean/Jo Azazel/ Sam John/ Gordon Walker Dean/ Castiel
Crowley/ Kevin Tran Michael/ Adam Samuel/ Deanna Campbell Bobby/ Crack Character Sam/ Sarah Blake

so that's the table and that's what i'll be doing until february. That and Merlin ;; my fandoms are all leaving me. And I still have that onho fic that I just want to burn even though people liked it when I posted as anon. I feel like, if by the end of the month I haven't managed to like it, I will just post as is and let it go. So, hi everyone. HI
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