Oct. 12th, 2012

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So, I was looking through my docs and the amount of unfinished fic there makes me sad. So, I'm going to dump it here and pretend that that means I've posted it in comms and never have to look at it again. Then, I'm going to go and finish my stupid spnaubigbang fic and finish my first ever sterek fic and cry. THEN, I will try to go through my merthur fics and see if there's anywhere I can take those.

Also, can we all just talk about how there are a billion challenges/exchanges and I'm pretty sure combined, [livejournal.com profile] domofo and I have joined all of them. Seriously, I quit my job. I am going to go into fic writing full time. Who needs money anyway.

Right, so here have a bunch of unfinished fic and if you leave a comment with the name of the fic, I will bombard you with fun facts and wonderful/random stories about where I got the idea for it or how I started writing it or whatever.

excerpt from a shinee, onho fic I was/am writing/editing )

a minho centric post-apocalyptic fic )

this was supposed to be a porn star merthur au )

this was, like incest minkey, idk guys, idk )

so this is another merthur canon au/ar thing )


remember my suju resistance dystopia au. well there's a shinee version. )

So, that's all I'm posting for now because the rest is just depressing. But, feel free to ask away and I shall answer. Also, most of these make me want to start writing them again, so I might.


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